Publication + Brand Design

The Prattler is Pratt Institute's student read and led newspaper (established in 1940). As a student organization, the Prattler's goal is to foster and amplify the voices of student creators. As a printed and online periodical, contributors are responsible for reflecting and affecting the discourse surrounding all of us, thus shaping the future of the school. 

As Co-Creative Director, I was responsible for re-designing the Prattler going into the 2018-19 school year. The re-design: new logo, wordmark, website*, print layout (design, structure, and format), visual aesthetic, brand, etc. 

Co-Creative Director 2018-19
Design assistant 2017-18

2018-19 Prattler website created by Noah Semus and Nicholas Lucaccioni. Design consultations – Jooyoung Park and myself.


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Covers designed by - 
Issue I - Brooklyn by Jooyoung Park  •  Issue II - Safety & Accessibility by Shelby Rashap 
Issue III - Entertainment by Molly Dauphin  •  Issue IV - Nonsense by Emma Moore