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The Lines That Led Us Here is a series of projects that explore identity through family history, ancestry, storytelling and design. 


As a first-generation Chinese-American and biracial person, my identity stems from the connections and relationships I have with my family and culture.

The Woman Who Hid Gold in Her Hair is a biographical sketch of my great grandmother. The publication features a historical narrative piece that outlines her
life, legacy, and family. 

Details & Dimensions

4.25'' x 5.5'', 16 pages, 8.5'' x 11'' wrap-around cover with footnotes, saddle stitched (hope to risograph this sometime in the future!)

A three-part zine series relating to the topic of immigration, migration and xenophobia in the U.S.

Zine 1 - Family 
Documentation of family immigration stories. This publication includes a series of interviews with various family members + a timeline poster with relevant immigration and migration dates.

Details & Dimensions

7'' x 10'', 20 pages, perfect bound

Zine 2 - Immigration Laws
A historical timeline featuring immigration laws and other discriminatory acts against Chinese people, spanning from the late 1700s until the early 1990s.
One example is the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which directly targeted Chinese immigrants. Chinese people were the first group, identified by race, to have severally limited legal entry into the U.S. This act stated that foreign-born Chinese were ineligible for citizenship. This law was not repealed until 1943. 

Details & Dimensions

5'' x 10'', 18 panel accordion fold, approx. 12ft 

Zine 3 - Today
Touches on the resurgence of xenophobia and racism towards Asians due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The zine includes a proposal for a community based, digital platform + an interview with Alistair Chew.

Details & Dimensions

5'' x 5'', 18 pages, saddle stitch

A YouTube series documenting my senior thesis progress. I decided to start making these video diaries as a way to document and share my experience, research, and projects, with peers, friends, and family.

In addition to the weekly videos, various design elements were created for the series (series logo, episode intro motion graphic, and episode thumbnails).