The Biracial Dysphoria Project #thebrdproject is a social awareness campaign created to raise awareness about Biracial Dysphoria.

This project aims to shed light on the emotions and experiences of multiracial individuals, while also creating awareness to spark change and start a conversation. Read more about the project below!

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Buttons serve as a takeaway item that could be handed out at events, workshops, and panels.


Clip from short film featuring interviews with biracial and non-biracial individuals speaking about their experiences with Biracial Dysphoria.


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As a biracial individual, there have been several instances where I have questioned my identity and cultural background. Growing up I never really understood the conflicting feelings and emotions I was experiencing in regards to my ethnic identity. Even now there are times when I feel like people only view me as Asian due to my physical appearance. I feel like an imposter in my own body like I'm not "White" enough or "Asian" enough in certain situations.


After further research, I discovered that many biracial/multiracial individuals have experienced similar feelings of discomfort and confusion in regard to their identity. This issue not only impacts one's relationship with their culture but also their mental and physical health. Multiracial individuals experience various forms of discrimination ranging from small acts of microaggression and cultural stereotyping to fetishization.

My parents aka the coolest interracial couple around.

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