HERO is a branding project inspired by Joan of Arc, a female warrior and military leader from France (15th Century).


Logo Design




Joan of Arc is one of the many women throughout history who has defied conventions. She embodies strength, courage, and perseverance. As a warrior and leader who stood up for her beliefs, she serves as an inspirational figure in history. Her life, in its essence, translates to women empowerment and strength. 

HERO is a platform inclusive to all those who identify as women, and is open and accepting of all races, ages, sexual orientations, political views, etc. 

This proposed platform serves to highlight and support women, by providing a safe space to express thoughts, ideas, and promote communication and collaboration. The word "HERO" ties back to Joan of Arc, her identity as a historical figure, and how she ultimately serves as the main inspiration of this proposed platform and brand identity.


Potential color alternatives to be used in further branding and collateral. Inspired by stained glass and graffiti, grunge aesthetic. 

Collateral Examples –