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Pamela Wei Wang is a Graphic Designer and Photographer from Los Angeles, CA, currently based in New York City. As a versatile, multimedia artist, Pam thrives in the intersection of mediums. Her skills extend beyond the boundaries of graphic design, encompassing the realms of photography, collage, film/video, animation, and writing. She is committed and passionate about championing diversity and inclusivity; and is interested in working on projects dedicated to amplifying the voices of POC and other underrepresented narratives within the design, music, and entertainment industries. She is currently a designer at Vanity Fair.





Graphic Design

Print Design

Packaging & Merch


Photo & Video Editing

Vanity Fair

allwhere   •   CUP   •   Cirque Colors
Chinese-American Planning Council
Crown Affair   •   Film Independent
DCX Growth Accelerator
Los Angeles Magazine
The Workshop Publishers

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